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Social Systems and Evaluation was established in May 1994 with the aims of:

Evaluation and Review Services

Since establishment SSE has successfully completed projects evaluating and reviewing programs and processes in all Australian States and Territories. The duration of these projects has ranged from one day to more than two years.

For each project approached SSE directors develop a methodology and identify the skills required for its completion. A team is then formed based on SSE skills and enhanced by other resources where necessary, to ensure the project is completed to a very high standard. Feedback from clients attest to the achievement of this goal. Clients include Australian Commonwealth and State government departments, non-government and other organisations.

Social Systems and Evaluation is the trading name of the partnership of R AND R HOLDINGS PTY LTD ACN 063 381 395 and LENNOX HOLDINGS PTY LTD 009 218 320. Principal consultants in Social Systems and Evaluation are Rosemary L Cant and Rick Downie.


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