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Quality Assurance Provisions

In recognising the critically important role quality assurance procedures play in maintaining operations of the organisation to the highest possible standards, Social Systems and Evaluation has developed a Quality Policy Statement and Quality Assurance Framework.

Quality Policy Statement

Social Systems and Evaluation employ a quality policy to ensure projects are completed to the highest possible standard reflecting the organisation's commitment to quality procedures.

This is achieved through diligent adherence to a framework developed and maintained by the directors within which all submissions to undertake projects are formulated and all projects are undertaken. Using the Program Evaluation Standards 2nd Edition* as a guide, the framework is built around four areas, with the overall goals in each area being:

  1. to ensure that the methodology developed in proposing and undertaking any evaluation, review or research project (to be referred to from this point on a projects) is feasible employing an approach that is realistic, prudent, diplomatic and economical;
  2. to approach each project ensuring the highest ethical and legal standards will be observed and due regard is given to those persons who are involved with the project and are affected by it findings;
  3. to ensure utility by producing project reports and findings that are accepted by and serve the information needs of the intended users;
  4. to ensure accuracy of information revealed and conveyed from the project. To support and ensure achievement of the identified goals, the quality framework includes a fifth area being:
  5. a commitment to the establishment and maintenance of quality administration processes and procedures to manage projects.


Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Assurance Framework

The quality assurance framework has been developed to ensure each of the four quality areas are addressed on a continuing basis.

Social Systems and Evaluation maintain the framework and modify it to reflect emerging trends identified through continuing review of and contact with relevant periodicals and publications and experiences gained from projects completed by the organisation. The four areas under which the quality assurance principles are grouped and the principles within each group constitute the framework.

* The Program Evaluation Standards 2nd Edition, How to Assess Evaluations of Education Programs, The Joint Committee on Standards for Education Evaluation, James R Saunders, Chair



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