Social Systems and Evaluation

Evaluation and Review
Evaluation and Review Projects

Developing Strategic Outcome Measures
Developing Strategic Outcome Measures Projects

Research and Analysis
Research and Analysis Projects

Systems Consulting and Project Management
Systems Consulting and Project Management Projects

Other Consulting
Other Consulting Projects


Evaluation and Review Projects

Review Of Operational Procedures Against The Australasian Juvenile Justice Administrators Standards

Evaluation Of The Strong Families Program

Evaluation Of The Juvenile Justice Community Funding Program

Interviewing For The Drug Use Careers Of Offenders (Duco)- Juveniles Study

Evaluation Of The Geraldton Alternative Sentencing Regime

Review Of The Drug Free Units At Wooroloo Prison Farm And Acacia Prison

Literature Review Of Best Practice In Operation Of Drug Free Units In Prisons

Review Of Funding Arrangements – Office For Children And Youth

Evaluation Of The Students Taking A Right Stand (Stars) Program

Research To Identify Community Awareness Of And Satisfaction With Existing Mechanisms For Making Complaints Regarding Services Delivered By State Government Agencies In Western Australia

Evaluation Of The Constable Care Child Safety Project’s Puppet And Interactive Shows

Evaluation Of The Workload Demonstration Project

Review Of The Edith Cowan Western Australian Women’s Fellowship

Community Work Orders Stakeholder Consultations

Review Of The Metropolitan Social And Emotional Wellbeing Centre

Evaluation Of Community Funded Programs Carnarvon & Halls Creek

Evaluation Of Perpetrator Programs For Mandated And Voluntary Participants In Western Australia

Review Of The Spent Convictions Act

Review Of The Operation & Effectiveness Of Section 401 Of The Criminal Code

Evaluation Of Good Beginnings – Doncare

Evaluation Of The Juvenile Justice Community Funding Program

Evaluation - Best Practice Model Victim Services, Domestic Violence Counselling, Education & Support

Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of 'So You're Thinking Of Moving Into A Retirement Village!'

Evaluation Of The Action Plan To Address Aboriginal Cyclical Offending

Evaluation Of The Warminda Intensive Intervention Centre And The Aboriginal Family Supervision Program

Evaluation Of The Helping Hands

Review Of The Aboriginal Visitors Scheme

Evaluation Of 'Good Beginnings'

Evaluation Of The Local Merit Selection Trial For Teaching Positions At School Level

Evaluation Of The Implementation Of The Young Offender Act

Review And Evaluation Of Domestic Violence Regional Planning And Coordination

Review Of Customer Services To Meet Planning And Reporting Requirement

Review Of The Operations And Effectiveness Of The Victims Of Crime Act 1994

Evaluation Of The Inter-Agency School Community Centres Pilot Project

Review Of Delivery And Reporting Arrangements For Access And Participation Services

Ongoing Evaluation Of The Performance Management System

Evaluation Of The Pilot Diversion Project For Aboriginal Solvent Abusers

Evaluation Of The Joint Investigation Teams - Child Protection Pilot Project


Developing Strategic Outcome Measures

Monitoring And Evaluation For The Bandyup Front Entry Improvement Project

Development Of Performance Indicators And An Evaluation Framework For The State Homelessness Strategy

Data For Ongoing Evaluation Of Community Funded Projects

Survey For The Aboriginal Education And Training Council

Research and Analysis Projects

Child Protection Training Project 2004-2005

Investigation Of Trends In Child Maltreatment Allegation And Child Concern Reports

Review Of The Cota(Wa) Funding Agreement

Analysis Of Children’s Court Offences And Calculation Of Rates/1000

Interviewing Of Pre-Adoptive Parents

Interviewing Of Female Prisoners On Their Drug Use

Interviewing Of Dcd Funded Service Providers – Stakeholders Survey

Survey Of Prison Officers Dealing With Female Prisoners

Literature Review On Women In Prison

Review Of Customer Service

Review Of The Prisoner Grievance Procedures Pilot

Evaluation Of The Joint Approach To Child Abuse Project

Evaluation Of Implementation Of State Palliative Care Plan

South West Local Area Data Consultancy

Survey To Identify Services Available To Victims Of Crime

Comparability Of Child Protection Data Project

Data Analysis Of Customer Survey 1998 Of Victim Support Services

Care Careers: Study Of Three Years Of Placement Data 1995-97

Data Analysis Of Customer Survey 1997 Of Victim Support Services

Community Consultations To Determine Aboriginal Community Education Needs In The Area Of Domestic Violence

Development Of A Consultation Framework And Customer Satisfaction Survey For The Aboriginal Education Training Council

Summary And Issues Paper On Preliminary Analysis Of Ward Data

Preliminary Analysis Of Ward Data

Child Protection Cohort Study - Feasibility Assessment

Analysis Of Western Australian Child Protection Data 1989-1994


Systems Consulting and Project Management Projects

Provision Of Consultancy Services - High Level User Requirements
Review Of Agency Placements System
SMART Training Project
Development And Implementation Of A Register Of Out Of Home And Preventative Alternative Carers
Investigation Of The Feasibility Of A Central Carers Register<

Specification Of Foster Care Application And Foster Care Registration Extracts

Development And Implementation Of Placements Recording Application For Non-Government Agencies - Seven Sites
System User Documentation, Data Extracts For Program Monitoring And Management
User Requirements Overview Document
Development Of Data Extracts
System Feasibility / Proposal Report


Other Consulting Projects

Post Executive Development Centre Support To Health Department Of Wa Executives

Observer Role Within Executive Development Centre



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